The Blur of Urgency

Reading a story to a child expands their world and brings yours into focus. It just takes time, And that may mean deciding between the urgent and the important.

The Power of Story

Is there a little person who needs to hear the sound of your voice? The effect of reading stories to children is powerful and lasting. A good story plants a tree in a young mind. Would you like to be a part of that?

See the world again

For children, colors are vivid, smells are pungent, and life is filled with potential. Do you remember those days? Big Kids Publishing is dedicated to helping kids of all ages find and embrace the wonder and color of life.

Encouraging childhood wonder

Are you tired of the barrage of cynicism in the media today? We know that bad news sells, but it seems the trend toward edginess, dark humor, criticism, and sarcasm is pressing down into childhood.

Our society seems to waver between the extremes of either scaring children or pampering them. It is our belief that confidence is encouraged by giving children the opportunity to take on appropriate adventure, and also letting them see and experience the qualities we want them to emulate, like kindness, courage, and resilience.

The place this encouraging adventure starts is often in stories. By helping our children see the world beyond their horizon, and giving them the opportunity to laugh and cry with a true hero, however unlikely, we help them see how life is lived, adventure is found, and wonder is retained.

What's your story? What have you seen? Where have you been?

Where to next?

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